Losing The Ability To Dream

by Longshore

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Royston Christie
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Royston Christie Such a good band and I hope this bunch of good blokes go a long way in the music world Favorite track: Idle Hands.
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released January 19, 2017

Written by Joel Morgan, Ross Day and Jaymon Bromley. Additional Composition by Ryan Botha and Joel Morgan.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ryan Botha of Audax Studios



all rights reserved


Longshore Bunbury, Australia

Hailing from Bunbury, WA, Longshore are quickly on the rise in their scene. Their unique style of metalcore, blending undulating tempos with pop sensibilities has found them playing with the likes of OCEAN GROVE, BURIED IN VERONA, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, CONFESSION and many more. ... more

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Track Name: Gravitas
I am nothing but skin and bone and weak fragments of mind.
It's all because I can't seem to break this. I despise the air in my lungs. Weighed down with what we've become. I'll be right here to catch you.

We break off, not break even. Nothing could ever come between us but you, for some reason, thought we were nothing. When will the pain ever end?

I'm struggling, I let this gravity take me, torn apart, limb torn from limb. Accept the safety of breathing, take what's in your mind, feel the Earth shake.

I'm hacking at the roots that bind me and I pluck my soul like leaves. I can't seem to stay at your side. I'm letting go of a weight I just can't hold.

Looking back, we were inside our own world. A fantasy of lies that dragged us apart. But you threw it away and now your back again.
I'll be right here to watch you fall.

I lay beneath the night, gazing into the dark November sky. When I see the light of day, I'll tear out the sky to have the darkness by my side.
Track Name: Idle Hands
Reality sets up barriers, my mind wants to knock them down. Finding reasons to live my way, this world doesn't seek change.

Finally, clarity. I look back at my existence endlessly falling into emotion. The wind forced out of my soul, but for what? I am broken again. I am only a man.

Losing track my soul ran free, yet to find complacency. I just need consistency. I search for my legacy.

Reality sets up barriers, my mind wants to knock them down. Finding reasons to live my way, this world doesn't seek change. I won't sit by with idle hands as I watch them take my world.

Walk a mile in my shoes. You won't find any colour or find anything to hold on to, to help you through. This is my state of mind, no walls to box me in. No roof to stop me from flying away with the freedom of thought. But listen, let views inside.

Hold close to what's dear inside. You're still with me, together we're free. Open up, don't hide yourself to me. Wreck the eternal binds.
Track Name: Solaris (feat. Mitch Harding)
I left my hate at the wake of the sun. No feelings in my head can change as they push away everything. All I love fades away

I think I'm waking up. Why have the voices stopped? That constant ringing in my head sends shudders down my spine

I stretch my arms out to the sea. My mind spins realistic dreams. I set my eyes upon the hill. Find me, I will be searching still. Bring me the power of the sun, carry the weight of a thousand heavy hearts, lost from the start.

Is this the light of the dawn of my time? The world is cold, there is no escape. I can't relate. I'm fading out, but trapped within. Trawling my bones through the pestilence I found in you

I cannot wake from this dream. It's a world that's killing me. Day by day my sanity cries. Bring me peace so I can close my eyes.

I am the hollow man. It's drowning me. Close my eyes and escape reality
Track Name: Learn To Breathe
This place of rest is not where I want to be, reminding us we should be free. Memories replaced by a cold stone. Lives replaced when they felt like home.

You can make it now and learn to love again. You can make it now and learn to breathe again.

I'll let this sink in as I try to forget. Alone now in my regret. I'm giving up the chase to bring you home. Your embrace lost to the unknown.

I know I'll see you again but it's not enough. I'll try to live my life but I'll still look up.
Track Name: Conscious (feat. Ryan Botha)
Reality escapes me but in the dream I'm searching for the will to sleep. I'll always run from the sunrise. I'm breaking at the seams. It seems I'm losing the will to be.

Split my head into two. Conflict as soon as I choose heart and mind, my thoughts instead of taking this life. Chase down the will, the will to keep this dream alive.

Present me with some clarity. I won't sleep through the crisis. I just want you all to see, we are all inside the dream

Why do seas divide identities? Because the waves that crash hold down the thoughts of the few. Why can't time heal all our kind? We had to stop the clock, so we killed discerning thought

So I fall through the cracks. I'll abandon love for the signs, I'm waking up.
Track Name: Lost For Words
So I am lost for words and all I feel is numb and I have lost the way from my fading eyes. You gave me no reason, so why did you have to go? I'm not dealing with this. So I am lost for words. I'm filling all the spaces. Nothing can replace this

I think I'm done, no questions are needed. You had to run so I searched for the fire within. I've had enough. Will I die in the empty space?

Tear me open, pick at the seams

I never thought I'd feel this cold, but even dust settles in the discord. Should I start to accept this all? Will the world keep on turning as progression burns?
Track Name: Left Dreaming
I'm left dreaming, wide awake when sleeping. I'm hanging on by a thread. Reality or pathetic hopes? All this weight I just can't cope, even though it's in my head.

It's just that every time I search for you I break and every time I think I'm though I shake. Look at what I was stuck in, now my life begins.

I'll make my own thoughts bend to no will, I won't try and pretend. I'm tired of serving a false word. I'm over thinking I'm hurt.

I slave away and I barely see your light. I'm trying to follow your way but I just need to say that I'm done and through with the old. I'll rest when my mind grows cold. I'll seek a new foundation where ideas aren't based off tradition, come and find me. The Almighty make their speech to deaf ears.